Thailand Project Achieves Success on Initial Synchronization of NPP9 Biomass Unit


  At local time 00:12 of December 26th, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company Thailand Project achieved great success on initial synchronization of NPP9 1×135MW Biomass Unit and all the test data were qualified, which built firm foundation for the following 168 trial running.
  During the commissioning, Thailand Project cooperated with the EPC contractor and Installation Company and owners closely, prepared and organized carefully, and finished the system recovery, commissioning and fault eliminating works after boiler pipes blowing. On December 22th, the boiler was ignited. At 20:35 of December 24th, the steam turbine started to run. After the warming up, at 22:46, the speed was stayed on 3000rpm. At that time, all the system equipment ran steady and all the technical parameters such as the steam turbine vibration and bearing temperature were qualified. After working for more than 25hs, the project finished the boiler safety valve adjustment, generator short circuit, no-load test, excitation regulator test and synchronization test. At 00:12 of December 26th, the project achieved success on unit synchronization and all the system equipment and parameters were steady, which build foundation for the on-load trial running.
  Thailand NPP9 1×135MW Biomass Power Unit has the largest single-unit capacity in Asia, and its designed annual output is 9.5 hundred million kwh, which can save about 500,000 tons coal. After putting into production, the unit will make great contribution to the local economy, environment and social development and has significant meaning to increasing our company’s influence in the field of Southeast Asia biomass unit commissioning.