SA Zawar Commissioning Project Achieves Success on Synchronization of GT61


  At local time 15:25 of Dec 22nd, 2015, SA Zawar Commissioning Project achieved great success on synchronization of GT61. At 17:35, GT61 ran with full load.
  During this period, facing with all the difficulties, the commissioning team led by the project leaders, used previous commissioning experience, developed the iron army spirit, cooperated with each other closely, finished all the preparation work and tests, and achieved success on synchronization of GT61 at 15:25 of Dec 22nd. Especially the electrical personnel, worked without the SIEMENS commissioning staff, led by Mr. Li Xuesong, Commissioning Chief Engineer doubled as Director of Electric Institute, prepared carefully and worked hard, finally complete all the electrical tests and synchronization work by themselves for the first time, which shows the excellent working spirit and skills of our commissioning team.
  The success of synchronization and full-load operation of GT61 means that SA Zawar Project reached a new milestone, and it also built firm foundation for full operation.