Xinjiang Karamay O&M Project Achieves Safe Operation in 170 Days with Avoiding 4 Unscheduled Shutdowns


  Up to Dec 31st, 2015, Xinjiang Karamay O&M Project was operated safely in 170 days.
  From July of 2015, Xinjiang Karamay O&M Project took over the operation work of the power plant.
  On July 15th, the project took over the works of centralized control ST operation, boiler operation and electrical operation.
  On August 11th, the project took over the chemical operation (including hydrogen generation station).
  On August 15th, the project took over the ash handling operation (including anomia station).
  The O&M team led by Mr. Chen Ting, Project Manager, prepared and arranged carefully, solved more than 20 technical problems and insured the steady and safe operation of the units.
  At 04:00 of Oct 23rd, the project achieved the first safe operation of main units in 100 days.
  On Nov 18th and 22nd, the project achieved the first chemical safe operation and ash handling safe operation in 100 days.
  At present, all the parameters are normal, which means the project achieved the target of “safe operation in 100 days”. Up to Dec 31st, 2015, the project was safely operated in 170 days.
  In the 4 months since taking over the operation works of the power plant, the O&M team avoided 4 accident including “180MW one-side steam pump tripped”, “187MW main steam valve one-side stopped 2 times” and “#2 full-load primary fan bearing temperature sensor placement false operation tripped”, insured the safe and steady operation, and won recognition from all the parties. Before that, there were many unscheduled shutdowns in the power plant happened in 2013 with 12 times, 2014 with 8 times and 2015 with 4 times.
  One recent accident was happened on Nov 10th. When operating #2 with full-load 350MW, the primary fan was tripped at 21:50 on that day. The operators treated the accident immediately and manual decreased the load to 175MW, put the plasma assisted combustion into operation, stopped two mills, adjusted the primary air pressure to normal value, decreased the feeding water to 570 ton, and adjusted the furnace draft to normal state. After checking, the power plant found that the accident cause is that the connection of motor bearing temperature sensor placement was loose, then the fan tripped. So the operators restarted the fan after maintenance and increase the load to rated value.
  The fan trip happened with full-load 350MW and without RB function, and the trip was treated manual, which was really difficult and dangerous. The record shows that the process from accident happening to operators’ first action was only in 5 seconds and all the operations were correct, which successfully avoided the unscheduled shutdown.
  Guodian Xinjiang Karamay 2×350MW Supercritical Coal-fired Power Station locates at the southwest part of petrochemical industrial park in Karamay, the  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with 2×350MW coal-fired supercritical indirect air cooling, single extracting and heat supplied ST generation set and relative auxiliaries and desulfurization and denitration facilities. Since taking over the operation work of the power plant, all the project staffs developed the iron army spirit, cooperated with each other, worked hard by following standards and requirements, insured the steady and safe operation of the unit and won recognition from the owners.