SA Zawar O&M Training Report


  Ras Al Khair Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Project Department hereinafter called RKPP O&M project department, has organized 14 days’ training from Jan. 4th, 2016 to Jan. 17th, 2016, which marks the beginning of the specialized serial training of 2016 organized by the project department. The 14 days’ training mainly include PTW management system, fire-fighting knowledge and the usage of positive pressure respirator, HRSG structure and working principle, condensate water system, operation keypoint and attentions for the preheater, etc. The whole stuff of operation department attend the training.
  1. PTW Management System Studying
  The operation stuff mainly studied the safety responsibility of work responsible person. The operator could know about the detailed responsibility of work responsible person, and cooperate and supervise the maintenance activity, which could ensure the work quality.
  2. Fire-fighting Knowledge Studying
  The operation stuff studied the fire-fighting system of the plant, especially studied the pipe arrangement and fire-fighting facility configuration, and the correct operation of starting up the fire-fighting system and simulated the emergency response measures, which enhanced the safety awareness of the operation staff and improved their emergency response ability.
  3. Positive Pressure Respirator Usage Studying
  The operation stuff studied the usage of positive pressure respirator and its working principle, and demonstrated the correct wearing and usage and simulated the drill under emergency situation. The operation could wear the positive pressure respirator quickly and correctly via the training.
  The project department invited the deputy commissioning manager Li Shengkui to introduce the HRSG structure and working principle, condensate water system and the operation keypiont and attention of preheater, etc. The project manager, operation manager and Shift A&B attend the training. Everyone listen carefully and Manager Li detailedly explained the questions raised by the operation stuff. The operation stuff mastered the relevant cooperation skills via the training, which ensures the safety and stable running of the Unit.
  RKPP O&M project department required that all shift shall organized 4 times of training for each month since the first training of June. 23rd 2015, which has organized 87 times of all kinds of training up to now, and the trainees reach to 5220. The training covers safety training, technique training, English training, anti-accident training, etc. The three-class safety training ratio of new stuff reaches to 100%, the post training ratio reaches to 100% via the serial training, which outstandingly enhanced safety awareness and emergency response ability and improved the theoretical knowledge and technique and practical skills. RKPP O&M has provided qualified O&M talent to the company while ensure the safety and stale running of the Unit.
  RKPP O&M project department will continuously develop the spirit of “initiative, responsible and persistent” in the New Year, scenically and reasonably arrange the training activity, and enhance the talent training, and carefully organized all kinds of training activity and strive to raise a new round of training boom.