SA Zawar Commissioning Project Achieves Success on First Ignition of GT62


  At 14:00 of Jan 17th, 2016, SA Zawar Commissioning Project achieved success on its first ignition of GT62. At 14:10, GT 62 accomplished no-load in full speed, which means that all the 12 GTs in Zawar Project were capable for power generation.
  In order to insure the ignition of GT62, the commissioning team led by the project leaders, developed the iron army working style, overcame all the difficulties including limited time, tough work and terrible working conditions, prepared and worked hard, communicated with the parent company’s project, the owner and the supervisor, finished all the gird connection works and relevant tests, and insure the successful ignition of GT62 happened at 14:00 of Jan 17th.
  The great success on GT62’s first ignition and completion of full speed no-load indicates the commissioning work lasting for more than 4 years of the 12 gas turbines in Zawar Project is drawing to the end. This is the result of unremitting efforts and works of all the project commissioning staffs in 4 years, which built firm foundation for full production of the units in Zawar Project.