Good News: CEEG Fuhai 20MWp Solar PV Power Station Phase I Connects to Grid Successfully


  Before the Spring Festival, we received good news from Xinjiang Fuhai Solar PV Project that at 10:58 of Feb 3rd, 2016, CEEG Fuhai 20MWp Solar PV Power Station Phase I connected to the grid successfully, which was a gift of Spring Festival for the company.
  During the past several months, the maintenance staffs developed the iron army spirit, overcame the terrible weather and finished the defect checking works for the equipment; they focused on management and training to improve the maintenance staffs’ skills; they also improved the management level of the station which insured the timely and steady operation of the station. At 18:30 of Jan 30th, the energization was finished; the commissioning work of all the equipment connected to grid was finished at Jan 31st; the impulse commissioning work of all the box transformers was finished at Feb 1st and all the inverters were powered; the project connected to the gird at 10:58 of Feb 3rd successfully.
  Next, the solar PV maintenance team will further complete the following O&M works, summarize and accumulate O&M experience for solar PV station, and finish all the tasks to make contribution to the development of company’s O&M business.