Karamay Operation Project Win Good Result in “An Kang” Knowledge Contest


  At 05:  On March 15th, 2016, 3 contestant of Karamay Operation Project won good result in the “An Kang” Safety Knowledge Contest held by Guodian Karamay Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Ms. He Xiujuan led the electricity generation group 1 team to win the first prize. There were totally 7 teams including 21 contestants in the contest.
  In order to respond to the owner’s call of “An Kang” Knowledge Contest and to insure the safe operation of the power plant, the project led the staffs to study safety knowledge in various ways, which improved the staffs’ safe production awareness and skills, built firm foundation for winning in the contest and strengthened the safe production management of the project. The contest emphasized on safe production of power plant and summarized the safety knowledge in both work and lives in various forms. During the contest, the contestant answered the quizzes quickly and cooperated with each other closely. Finally, the electricity generation group 1 team with Ms. He Xiujuan won the first prize.
  The contest further improved the staffs’ safe production awareness, popularized the rules and knowledge of safe production, which has significant meaning to insuring the safe and steady operation of the power plant.