Ningde Project #4 Achieves Success on First Running


08 of March 23rd, 2016, the #4 of Ningde Nuclear Commissioning Project achieved great success on first running and all the parameters of ST were qualified, which built firm foundation for the grid connection and is also the start of starting the complete set.
  On March 10th, the preparation work of running was started. All the staffs worked actively and strengthened the force of on-site checking to insure the running of equipment. At 15:00 of March 22nd, all the commissioning staffs came to the site for attending the meeting before running and also insured the preparation works of running and arranged the works. At 02:26 of 23rd, the running work was started; after speed up from 100rpm to 250rpm, 500rpm, 650rpm and 1250rpm and the ST relevant parameters check, the speed reached 1500rpm at 05:08; the whole process was safe and steady with qualified parameters and indexes. All these mean that our commissioning team achieved a greater progress upon #3.
  During the whole commissioning work, our commissioning staffs developed the iron army spirit and worked really hard. They used their professional skills and rich experience and insured the success of running. Besides, the CI system built firm foundation for the first running without any defect.
  Next, the commissioning staff will further develop the iron army spirit to finish the following performance tests in order to promote the grid connection work and to complete the whole commissioning work of #4.