Venezuela Central Power Plant Commissioning Project Achieves Success on First Connecting to Grid of #6 600MW ST Unit


  At local time 08:53 of April 19th, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company Venezuela Central Power Plant Commissioning Project achieved success on the first connecting to grid of #6 600MW ST unit and raised load to 150MW. All the parameters and indexes of steam turbine and generator were qualified and all the systems were operated well.
  Venezuela Central Power Plant locates at the seaside of Caribbean, the north central part of Venezuela, and it is the largest thermal power plant in Venezuela. The #6 is an expansion project built by CMEC, the EPC contractor, and Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible for the commissioning work of the project. Before start-up, our commissioning team prepared and planned carefully, which insured the success of the running and connecting to grid. At 19:08 of March 26th, the speed of steam turbine ran to 3600rpm and the unit connected to grid successfully at 08:53 of April 19th. Next, our commissioning team will make effort to prepare the overspeed test and boiler safe valve checking in order to reach the goal of running with load for 168hs.
  The Venezuela project has the largest 60Hz oil-gas-fired ST generator set in the world and it is the first project taken by Huafeng Weiye Company in South America. The successful connecting has significant meaning of expanding the company’s influence and increasing brand image.