Rongcheng Tianyi Thermal Power Plant Commissioning Project #3 Connects to Grid Successfully


  At 16:35 of April 25th, 2016, Rongcheng Tianyi Thermal Power Plant 7.5MW back pressure extraction ST unit connected to grid and generated power successfully.
  Rcongcheng Tianyi Thermal Power Plant was designed with 3×75t/h+1×150t/h CFB and 2×15MW extraction condensing ST unit. The high temperature intermediate pressure CFB boiler should be operated by reducing temperature and pressure and could not be operated economically. At the same time, the supplying power consumption of 2016 increased to 192 million kWh/a while the current extraction condensing unit only can generate 165 million kWh/a, so the power plant could not satisfy the power need. Therefore, there was one new-constructed 7.5MW back pressure extraction ST unit which was built by SEPCOIII as the EPC contractor and Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible to the commissioning works of subsystem and complete set start-up.
  This project is another commissioning project of back pressure ST unit after Zibo Zhonglv Project and Rongcheng Thermal Power Plant Project, which means that the company improved a lot on the development in this field.