Mr. Ni Jiawei Visits Venezuela Commissioning Project


  From April 26th to May 3rd, 2016, Mr. Ni Jiawei, President of Huafeng Weiye Company visited Venezuela Commissioning Project accompanied by Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer of the company and others.
  At 19:30 of April 29th, Mr. Ni held on-site meeting. On the meeting, he appreciated the project’s achievements and required the commissioning team to work harder for insuring finishing the 168 trial running work. He also warned the staffs that to be careful of their safety considering the public security conditions in Venezuela. At last, he introduced the company’s future development and required the staffs to improve skills to make contribution to the company’s development.
  Mr. Ni’s visiting inspired the staffs a lot. The commissioning team will further develop the good working style and work harder to insure the 168 trial running work.