Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project Takes Over Block60


  At 8:00 of May 2nd, 2016, the operation team of Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project took over the trial running work of Block60 which is the last combined cycle unit of the project. That means that Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project has taken over the O&M works of all the 12 gas turbines, 10 boilers and 5 steam turbines of the power plant and that all the units of SA Zawar Power Plant would be operated by our O&M team.
  On April 30th, the O&M handing over and taking over meeting was held. The O&M team of Huafeng Weiye Company, commissioning department and commissioning directors of EPC contractor and Huadian Operation Team attended the meeting. On the meeting, all parties discussed the overall handing over plan and detailed implementation plan and reached agreements on handing over related matters.
  The unit was handed over overall and taken over comprehensively including all the equipment of Block60 as GT61, GT62, HRSG61, HRSG62 and ST60. The taking over work was under huge pressure due to limits in time and personnel, so all the departments prepared and worked really hard which insured the safe and steady operation.
  There will be a long way to go for doing the following O&M works, so our O&M team will further implement the guidelines of “Safe Production and Civilized Production” to insure the steady operation of the units and the safety of units and persons, satisfy the company and the owner and make contribution to the company’s overseas O&M business development.