Venezuela Commissioning Project Finishes 168 Trial Running of Venezuela Central Power Plant #6 600MW ST Set


  At 24:00 of May 7th, 2016, the 168 trial running of Venezuela Central Power Plant #6 600MW ST set was finished successfully and the operation status of the set was good.
  Venezuela Central Power Plant #6 600MW set is the largest dual-fuel (heavy oil and natural gas) set in South America. The working frequency of the set is 60Hz; the steam turbine is subcritical, once reheat, single roller, three-cylinder and four-exhaust and condensing steam turbine; the rated speed is 3600r/min. CMEC built the project as EPC contractor and Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible for its commissioning work.
  During commissioning, our commissioning team prepared and worked hard and carefully, successfully finished running, connecting to grid and full-load operation with qualified indexes and parameters of steam turbine and boiler, which shows the company’s professional commissioning skills and excellent capability and won recognition from the owner and other sides.