Mr. Zhou Hongbo Visits Fuhai Solar PV Station


  On May 27th, 2016, Mr. Zhou Hongbo, Vice President of the parent company, Mr. Sui Xiyong, Vice Chief Engineer of the parent company and Manager of Xinjiang Branch Office, Mr. Ma Zaiqiang, Manager of Fuhai Solar PV Station, visited Xinjiang Fuhai Solar PV Station.
  Mr. Zhou firstly visited the site, listened to the work reports of operation and erection made by Mr. Li Qianghua, Station Director and Mr. Chen Huiliang, Project Manager from the parent company, and then appreciated the works.
  Mr. Zhou required the staffs to firstly enhance operation to make more benefit to the company, secondly perfect equipment safety emergency plan to avoid hazard, thirdly strengthen communication and cooperation with other solar PV stations, and fourthly carry out more activities to enrich staffs’ leisure life.
  Next, the project will implement the requirement provided by Mr. Zhou to insure the works of the project.