SA Zawar O&M Project Organizes Opening Ceremony of Safety Production Month


  At 8:00 of June 1st, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar O&M Project organized the opening ceremony of 2016 Safety Production Month. Mr. Li Shanggang, Vice President, and Mr. Zhang Peng, Vice Manager of HSE Department, attended the ceremony; the leaders of the project, key personnel of each department and cooperative teams participated into the ceremony.
  On the ceremony, Safety Production Department of the project explained the activity programme. Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Project Manager, made a speech about Safety Production Month. Mr. Zhang Peng gave credit for the safety production work of the project and said that all the staffs should be aware safety to insure safety production work. Mr. Li Shanggang made demands on the project for safety production work: the safety management should be connected to EPC project; enhance safety production responsibility system; all the staffs should be involved in safety production; safety production work should be carried out for a long time; insure the site safety to build foundation for winning more market.
  Mr. Zou underlined the importance of safety production month and that safety is the foundation of development and efficiency of the project as well as the basic of owner’s satisfaction. He required all the staffs to be aware of safety.
  Next, the project will further implement the notices issued by Power China and the head office, carry out more activities about safety, and strengthen the safety awareness and skills of the staffs to build foundation for safety production.