SA Zawar Project Finishes Reliability Operation of BLOCK 60


  At 5:00 a. m. of June 9th, 2016, SA Zawar Project finished reliability operation of BLOCK 60 successfully. On June 11th, the supervisor signed the daily report of 30-days reliability operation of BLCOK60. On that day, Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar Commissioning Project organized plenary meeting and Mr. Li Xuesong, Commissioning Chief Engineer proclaimed that the project has finished reliability operation successfully on the meeting.
  Reliability operation is one important part of commissioning as the last step of the work. From November 23rd, 2015, to June 9th, 2016, through 200-days hard work, with the guidance of project leaders, all the staffs of the project prepared carefully and worked hard, cooperated with the O&M team, the owner and the supervisors closely, finished the 30-days reliability operation of BLOCK 20, BLOCK 30, BLOCK 40, BLOCK 50 and BLOCK 60 in succession.
  During commissioning work, facing with the difficulties such as aged equipment, terrible environment and supervisors’ strict requirement, SA Zawar Commissioning Project cooperated with the O&M team, led by Mr. Li, finished all the preparation works with tenacious spirit and excellent skills, and finally completed reliability operation work of BLOCK 60 at 5:00 a. m. of June 9th.
  Finishing the reliability operation work means that SA Zawar Project has finished all the commissioning work of main equipment. It is the result of 4-years hard work of the commissioning staffs as well as the appreciation of their work, which built firm foundation for the whole operation of the project.