SA Zawar O&M Project Receives Appreciation Letter from Doosan


  Recently, Doosan sent gift chocolate with an appreciation letter to SA Zawar O&M team for thanking their hard work for performance test of the water plant.
  On June 9th, 2016, SA Zawar O&M Project received the letter about to cooperate for performance test of the water plant from Doosan. In order to cooperate with Doosan for the performance test, at 14:26 of June 10th, BLOCK30 combined cycle was started and all the five elements, 10 sets of turbines and boilers, operation of 5 ST generators and steam and water qualities reached the requirement of the test. At 0:00 of June 11th, the test was started with cooperation of our project. On June 13th, the test was finished with all qualified indexes.
  During the period, according to the test requirement, the low pressure steam flow should be higher than 3510T/h and the pressure fluctuation range should be controlled within 0.03BAR. Under the strict requirement mentioned above, the project prepared carefully to meet the requirement, provided guarantee to finishing the performance test, and showed our excellent image with professional work.