Thailand Commissioning Project Finishes Full-load Operation for NPP9


  At 9:28 a. m. of June 20th, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company Thailand Project finished full-load operation work with 125MW for Thailand NPP9 which is the first and largest biomass unit in the world.
  Thailand NPP9 unit was invested by Thailand DOUBLE A Company and built by Datang Technology Company and supplied by Harbin Power Station Group Company. There is a biomass boiler with production load of 384T/H which is designed by Tsinghua University. During the commissioning period, the project overcame difficulties including oversized designed area of superheater, small water flow of desuperheating water and unreasonable design of fluidizing air system, modified the systems for many times, increased the unit’s load, finally made the unit to reach the rated output.
  Next, the Thailand commissioning team will further develop the iron army spirit and work hard to build firm foundation for 168hs trial running.