Nigeria O&M Project Organizes Transformer Fire Emergency Exercise


  In order to further implement the requirement of Safety Production Month, Nigeria O&M Project organized transformer fire emergency exercise on June 23rd, 2016. The HSE department of the project organized the exercise and Mr. Ma Yongfeng, Project Manager, was the chief commander for the exercise.
  The exercise was started with the fire alarm. Under the command of Mr. Ma, the HSE department organized and arranged all the participants to fight the fire by following the rules and procedures of <Transformer Fire Emergency Plan>. All the departments communicated and reported timely, cooperated closely, used the firefighting equipment correctly and finally put out the fire. The whole process of the exercise was in order.
  After the exercise, Mr. Ma pronounced that the exercise was successfully finished and then made conclusion of the exercise. Mr. Ma said that the exercise implemented Safety Production Month, enhanced the staffs’ safety awareness, improved the staffs’ safety qualities and emergency response capacity and has significant guiding meaning to similar accidents that might happen in the future.