Inner Mongolia Chifeng Guangda Solar PV Project Connects to Grid and Generates Power Successfully


  At 6:30 of June 30th, 2016, Inner Mongolia Chifeng Guangda Solar PV Project connected to the grid and generated power successfully which means it accomplished the “6.30” goal.
  In order to generate power before electricity price adjusting, all the power plants were working hard to generate power before June 30th, and there were more than ten enterprises scheduled power generating time at June 15th to 30th. Since that the personnel of Power Grid is limited and the number of enterprises is large, in order to accomplish the connecting and generating goals, the project staffs cooperated closely and overcame all the difficulties and prepared carefully, finally accomplished the connecting and generating goals.
  Inner Mongolia Chifeng Guangda Solar PV Agricultural 10MWP Project locates at Ongnuid, Chifeng, which is the second solar PV project of the company. The success on connecting to grid and power generation is the result achieved by all the project staffs guided by the company leaders and supported by all the departments of the company, which helps to develop the company’s new energy business a lot.