SA Zawar O&M Project Organizes Knowledge Contest for Safety Production Month


  In order to further enhance the project staffs’ safety production awareness, on June 28th, 2016, SA Zawar O&M Project organized safety knowledge contest in accordance with the plan of Safety Production Month. More than 40 personnel from the operation department and maintenance department took part into the contest.
  The contest was carried out in written test surrounding the theme of Safety Production Month and covering safety rules, measurements and PTW systems. Finally, all the participants passed the test. Mr. Hu Shuai from Operation Department won the first prize, Mr. Liu Guangqing from Maintenance Department won the second and Mr. Li Wei from Operation Department won the third.
  On July 2nd, the project held awarding meeting. Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Project Manager, affirmed the result of the contest and required all the staffs to study harder and all the departments to insure the safe and steady operation of units. The contest further mobilized the staffs’ safety knowledge learning enthusiasm and build firm foundation for the safety production work of the project.
  The 2016 Safety Production Month is coming to the end. The project will continue to implement the safety work policy and work harder on safety works to insure to accomplish the 2016 safety production target.