SA Zawar Project Organizes Yanbu Operation Mobilization Meeting


  With the development of commissioning and trial running works of SA Yanbu Project, cultivating and transmitting qualified operators to the project has been becoming an important work for SA Zawar O&M Project. As the leading department, the operation department of Zawar Project prepared and planned carefully in order to insure to transmit superior operators to Yanbu Project.
  On July 7th, 2016, the operation department organized the first mobilization meeting. Mr. Liu Zonggen, Operation Manager, required all the operators coming to Yanbu Project to work by following the working discipline, develop the iron army spirit and increase the technology and skills to insure to better implement the operation works. After that, Mr. Sun Jianhua, Operation Manager of Yanbu Project, said that though the working circumstance changed, the working attitude cannot change, so all the staffs coming to Yanbu Project should be strict with themselves and study harder to finish the works scientifically and efficiently.
  SA Yanbu Project is a project taken by the company itself, which has significant meaning to improving our influence in SA power field. Next, Zawar O&M Project will closely cooperate with Yanbu Project to insure the operators and the project development and will also cultivate more O&M talents for the company.