Mr. Peng Hong and Mr. Lv Tao Visit Hebei Xingtai Commissioning Project


  From July 6th to 8th, 2016, Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of Huafeng Weiye Company General Party Branch doubles as Vice President, and Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer, visit Hebei Xingtai Commissioning Project.
  During visiting period, Mr. Peng and Mr. Lv held meeting to get knowing of works and staffs’ living situations of the project. Mr. Feng Wei, Commissioning Chief Engineer of the project, reported the works and safety production of the project. Mr. Lv affirmed the project works and files and required that the project should further implement the requirement of refining commissioning, overcome the difficulties as short working period and terrible environment and work hard to insure to better and efficiently implement the commissioning works.
  At the end of the meeting, Mr. Peng explained the positions of Xingtai Project and of the company in parent company and pointed out the importance of commissioning work of the project. He required all the staffs to develop the tough spirit in order to build foundation for following works and to build Xingtai Commissioning Project as the model project of the company. He also emphasized that the project should pay high attention to on-site safety training and safety protection in order to insure the company’s development.
  After the meeting, Mr. Peng and Mr. Lv came to the site to understand the staffs’ problems and suggestions and gave reply to the staffs.
  The visiting greatly inspired the staffs’ moral and increased the staffs’ enthusiasm. Next, Xingtai Project will follow the requirements provided by Mr. Peng and Mr. Lv, cooperated closely, promote the project works with professional skills and excellent working style and make more contribution to the commissioning business of the company.