Wins Respect with Iron Army Spirit, Creates Brand with Professional Skills


  July 15th, 2016, is the anniversary of Huafeng Weiye Company Karamay Operation Project operating Guodian Karamay Power Plant 2×350MW supercritical units for 1 year. During the year, the project operation team worked hard and accomplished targets of safely operating for 100 days, 200 days and 300 days and made new records one after another. Until July 14th, 2016, the units had been safely operated for 1 year and achieved the best result since the power plant was built.
  At the beginning of the work, facing with the difficulties as limited time, heavy tasks and terrible environment, in order to better take over the work, all the project staffs developed the iron army spirit, prepared and organized carefully with their professional skills and rich experience, finally successfully took over the units.
  After taking over the project, in order to insure the steady operation of the units, the project immediately started the works of problem searching and hidden danger checking. The project organized the staffs to learn procedures, system drawings, logical set values and equipment materials and to discuss the problems in different specialties, timely proposed problem solutions for the owner and made preventive measures to avoid accident and problem. The project also strictly implemented all the safety production rules and regulations and successfully treated 4 accidents and avoided 4 unscheduled shutdowns. Besides, the project trained the owner’s staffs and gave suggestions to the owner about energy-saving and cost-reducing and became the main force of safety production and energy-saving, which helped the project and the company win honor and reputation from the owner.
  During the year, all the project staffs worked hard and cooperated closely, overcame all the difficulties with their tough spirits and professional skills, insured the safe and steady operation of Karamay units and improved our influence in Xinjiang. At the same time, relying on the achieved results and reputation, the project successfully won the bid of Xinjiang Qiya Aluminium Electricity Operation Project and further improved the company’s influence in the field of O&M market in Xinjiang. Now the project is working on expanding the contracts of the two projects.
  Next, the project will further develop the iron army spirit and work harder for accomplishing the targets of no unscheduled shutdown whole-year and training more talents for the following projects, win respect with iron army spirit and create brand with professional kills to promote the company’s business development in Xinjiang.