Thailand Project NPP9 Successfully Passes 168hs Trial Run


  At local time of 17:00 of July 14th, 2016 Huafeng Weiye Company Thailand Project NPP9 1×135MW ST Unit passed 168hs trial run and was handed over for production successfully. During the trial run, all the parameters and indexes were normal and all the auxiliaries were operated steadily, and the owner accepted with signature. After signature, all parties took photo together for celebration. The success means that the world’s largest biomass power plant was put into commercial operation.
  According to work plan, the whole set startup was started on July 7th. At 16:30, the unit was operated with full load in 125MW and was timed of 168hs trial run at 17:00. After one-week operation, the unit passed 168hs trial run successfully. So far, the project had achieved 7 successes including boiler water pressure test, boiler acid cleaning, energization, ST casing covering, ST running, connecting to grid and 168hs trial run, and finished commissioning works completely.
  The project locates at the 304 industrial park, Prachin Buri, Thailand and was built with related desulfurization and ESP projects, which is an environmental renewable new energy project. After put into operation, the project will promote the local economic, environmental and social development a lot and will also improve the company’s influence in the field of biomass power plant commissioning in Southeast Asia.