Nigeria Ogun O&M Project Holds Meeting for Studying President Wang’s Speech


  On July 16th, 2016, Nigeria Ogun O&M Project and the EPC project organized all the leaders to study President Wang’s Speech.
  On the study meeting, Mr. Ma Yongfeng, Project Manager firstly led the participants to study the whole speech made by President Wang. After that, Mr. Ma expressed his views and understandings required the leaders to seriously study and implement spirits of the speech. All the participants told their understanding and experience.
  The study activity made the staffs further understood the development situation and the development strategy of the company, and all the staffs made up their mind that they will require themselves in accordance with Mr. Wang’s five requirements, further develop the iron army spirit, combine the company’s strategy with their personal plan and work harder for accomplishing the company’s fourth-five-year strategy.