Xinjiang Qiya Aluminum-electricity Operation Project Finishes Blowing of #5 Boiler


  At 10:00 of July 20th, 2016, with the joint effort of our operation team, Xinjiang Qiya Aluminum-electricity Operation Project finished the blowing work of the #5 boiler which means that the project has achieved phased objectives of the work.
  Xinjiang Qiya Aluminum-electricity 2×360MW Supercritical Units Operation Project is another project in Xinjiang developed depending on the Karamay Operation Project. The project locates at Zhundong economic and technological development zone aside of Wucaiwan, Junggar Basin, and the weather and environment are really terrible there.
  After signing the contract, facing with the short preparation time and the owner’s strict requirements, our operation team planned and organized efficiently, overcame all the difficulties and took serious measurements for preparation work, and moved to the plant on June 1st and passed the theoretical and practical assessments.
  The operation team worked with excellent working style and professional skills, took over the commissioning work of #5 in short time and also organized training for the owner’s staffs. Aiming to the difficulties on the site, the operation team carried out defect checking work in accordance with the power safety regulation and on-site situation and solved the problems. The preliminary commissioning work was finished with all the specialties’ joint effort. At 20:18 of July 14th, the ignition of #5 was finished and the blowing work was then started. According to the work plan, the blowing work includes three phases. At 10:00 of July 20th, the third phase of #5 blowing was qualified, which means that the blowing of #5 was completed, and the work won recognition from the owner.
  Next, the project operation team will further develop the iron army spirit and work harder for the whole set start-up work.