Details Make Success, SA Zawar O&M Project Organizes Safety Production Image Promotion Activity


  In order to strengthen the result of safety production, improve the project safety management level, create safe and civilized image of the project, the safety production department of SA Zawar O&M Project organized a series of safety management promotion activity since the beginning of 2016 and achieved good result.
  Details make success. Recently, the safety production department put more than 400 safety warning boards onto the site. The warning boards can transmit safety information and warn and urge the staffs to be aware of safety in order to avoid accident.
  The project firstly hung responsibility billboard on main buildings and displayed the responsible persons as well as their contact information. At the same time, in order to insure that the on-site staffs can evacuate from the accident, the safety production department made more than 200 evacuation route boards and pasted them at visible areas. Besides, the project also hung more than 100 safety warning boards at danger areas of regulator stations, front stations and afterburning systems to warn the staffs and insure the safety of work and persons.
  In the process of making the warning boards, in order to protect the boards from high temperature and blazing sun, the project used PP film to make the boards and solved the problems. Mr. Mu Ruyi, safety engineer, specially pressed aluminum platen base to the boards which saved cost for the company and lengthened the service time of the boards. Besides, the safety production department also maintained the boards on schedule to keep the boards clean and clear.
  Relying on putting the warning boards, the safety marking work became more visual and normalized, which improved the on-site safety management and the project’s safety image and won recognition from the owner.
  The safety production department has been always insisting in the leading of the project, implementing the project rules and regulations and improved the safety management work a lot with their effort. Next, the project will continue to pay attention to safety management and build firm foundation for safety production and winning the long-term O&M contract.