Jerada Project Completed Simulation Training for the Second Group of Operators


  Morocco Jerada Project organized simulation training for the second group of operators from August 10 to 20, 2016, and all the participants passed the pre-authorization test.
  The training was held at Shanxi Zhangdian Tonghua Power Plant which is similar to Jerada 350MW unit. The training lasted in 10 days. Mr. Li Chunhe, the simulation training consultant of After-sale Service Center, taught the courses covering the startup, shutdown and typical accident treatment of 600MW supercritical coal-fired unit.
  During the training, Mr. Jia Xiuting, Project Manager came to the class and communicated with the trainees. He understood the trainees’ thoughts and relaxed them on working abroad, which built foundation for the following overseas works.
  There were 22 operators participated into the tests of safety rules and theories and 7 of them took the test of simulator. Up to now, Morocco Jerada Project has organized two trainings for 28 operators which is 54 percent of the total number of planned operators.
  At present, all the works of the project are carrying out in a well order.