Hebei Xingtai Project Finishes Blowing of #1


  At 16:30 of September 13, 2016, the blowing work of #1 of Hebei Construction & Investment Corporation Xingtai Cogeneration Project (2×350MW) was finished successfully, which builds firm foundation for the unit start-up of #1.
  Mr. Li Shanggang, Vice President, Mr. Xu Jisheng, Technical Director, Mr. Cui Jiaqiang, Manager of Technology Department, and Mr. Zhang Gengren, Director of Vibration Lab, came to the site for guidance, made comprehensive plans to the ignition and blowing works, and provided strong guarantee to the blowing work of #1. During the blowing, our commissioning team operated strictly in accordance with the commissioning procedures and operation standards and solved the problems with communication and coordination, which insured the great success of blowing work.
  Finishing the blowing work showed the professional skills, strong responsibilities and high management standards of our commissioning team to the owner and won great recognition from the owner. Next, the commissioning team work harder on the following commissioning and trial running works to satisfy the company and the owner.