SA Zawar O&M Project Organizes New Staff Welcoming Meeting


  On Sept 14th, 2016, SA Zawar O&M Project organized new staff welcoming meeting. The project leaders, directors of all the project departments and 12 new staffs attended the meeting.
  Mr. Wang Chengdong, Vice Project Manager, firstly welcomed the new staffs on behalf of the project and introduced the project to them. After that, Mr. Luo Fuchun, Vice Project Manager, shared his experiences of life and work with the new staffs and required them to study and work harder in the project.
  In the end, Mr. Wang summarized the meeting and made requirements to the new staffs.
  The first requirement is to adjust the mentality, so that the "two" changes, that is, as soon as possible to complete the transition from students to employees, from the "claimer" to "contributor" to adapt to new roles, and work hard to return to their parents and society.
  The second is to establish the right goal, to develop a 1-3 year development plan, and constantly strengthen the professional and foreign language learning, improve analysis and problem solving, communication and other aspects of the ability.
  Third, we should cherish the opportunity to grasp the development platform, the use of foreign projects in the work of the advantages and characteristics, and seize the opportunity to continuously improve the ability to grow as soon as the company debugging, operation and maintenance of the technical backbone.
  The fourth is to do a good job in teamwork, mutual help and common upgrade, and practicing "happy work, happy life" concept.
  Through the meeting, the new employees really feel the warmth of the project department family, new employees have said they will actively adjust their attitude, continuous learning, and strive to complete the role change, as soon as possible into the project department work and life.
  Next, the project will be under the 2016 graduates training programs and work plans to carry out a two-month security knowledge, expertise, foreign language and field equipment to explain a series of training to promote new staff to adapt to the scene as soon as possible, with induction capabilities.