Xingtai Commissioning Project Organizes Training for Staffs


  In order to further improve the staffs’ skills and capabilities and help them to know more on-site system knowledge, Huafeng Weiye Company Xingtai Commissioning Project organized a training of the whole plant systems for the staffs on October 5th, 2016.
  On that day, Mr. Li Fujiong, Electrical Teacher, firstly introduced the composition and working principle of booster station to the trainees. After that, Mr. Zhang Chengliang explained the chemical water treating system and the whole procedure of that to the trainees. Mr. Hu Guangbo taught the course of coal handling and fuel transport system, coal pulverizing system and air and gas system to the trainees. The training lasted for a whole day and achieved great result.
  At present, the commissioning work is really important to the project and there are many new staffs in the project, so the project specifically set out the one-to-one training mode to help the new staffs to improve their safety awareness and skills within a shorter time.
  Since coming into the project, our commissioning team prepared carefully, executed efficiently, overcame all the difficulties, finished all the commissioning tasks and tried its best to promote project progress. There were also a plenty of creative and active staffs who created a good atmosphere in the project. At 17:39 of September 27th, 2016, the #1 ran successfully and then the company received the <Appreciation Letter> from the owner, Jiantou Xingtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. which gave us credit for our professional skills and excellent working style.
  Next, the commissioning team will further develop the working style and work harder with the other parties to make contribution to the project.