SA Zawar O&M Project Training Report


  From October 16th to November 12th, 2016, SA Zawar O&M Project organized the O&M training for all the operators. The training combined with the on-site work need and the company’s talent training target, focused on the training of technology, safety, system and English, utilized training methods of practice and accident exercise to improve the operators’ theoretical knowledge level and skills, which built firm foundation for the safe and steady operation for the whole project.
  1. Logic learning. Taking feed-water pump as the example, the project organized the operators to study the motor logic control module and the startup permitting conditions logic and protection logic set value which further improved the staffs’ ability of reading logic and inquiring logic conditions and protections.
  2. New PTW management system learning. According to project implementation and practical work, the Safety Production Department issued the new PTW management system. Therefore, the Operation Department organized a meeting for studying the new system in order to enhance the on-site PTW management and to promote safety production.
  3. Firefighting water system learning. The Operation Department especially made training materials of firefighting water system, which is the largest system in the power plant, to help the operators to learn the system and operation methods. Aiming at the problems generally happened in the work such as how to treat firefighting self-starting, how to deal with alarming of firefighting system, how to operate pressure stabilizing pump and how to stabilize the liquid level of pressure stabilizing tank, the training gave emphasized explanation to make the staffs to know the layout, parameters and logic of the system, which improved the staffs’ accident treating ability of firefighting system a lot.
  4. Safety training. The Operation Department organized the staffs to study the cases about several casualty accidents happening in some domestic power plants, led the trainees to analyze the reason of the accidents, found out the weakness of our safety management work combining and made related rectification measures. At the same time, in order to enhance safety management, the project also organized the staffs to study the training materials of safety management improvement and explained the basic structure and main functions of the safety guarantee system especially the one graph, two sheets, three rules and four systems to urge the staffs to guarantee the safety of human and equipment.
  5. Electrical operation training. The project required all the staffs of GT, ST and chemistry to be acquainted with the routine check and operation of electrical equipment under 6.6KV. Therefore, the project organized the electrical shift leaders to teach their operators about the electrical operation notices and the electrical engineers to teach them about the working principle and operation of on-site equipment which insured the implementation of comprehensive operator training plan. Besides, the project also held training of on-site low-voltage equipment especially the principle of energizing and cutting power and five preventions of switch as well as the four main low-voltage switches in the power plant, which built foundation for the hand over and management works of low-voltage system.
  6. Plant service CPU crash emergency treating plan training. Before solve the problem of CPU, the Operation Department makes detailed emergency treating plan in accordance with the reality of the site, issues to all the shifts after check for training and requires the shift leaders to be acquainted with the plan to insure the safe and steady operation of the units. After that, all the shifts studied the plan.
  7. Accident cases study. On October 30th, HRSG31 tripped. The project organized all the staffs to analyze the happening, logic protection principle and following treating and discuss the prevention measures which made the staffs to know the reason and treating for similar accidents. At the same time, the project also made related accident emergency treating plan for preventing and treating similar accidents.
  8. English training. In order to further improve the on-site staffs’ oral English, the project summarized routine oral English and organized the staffs to study the words and sentences, which provided strong guarantee to our staffs for communicating with the foreign staffs.
  9. Boiler steam connection logic optimization plan study. The shift leaders analyzed the plan and explained the steam connection conditions and procedures under 3 different operation modes comparing with the previous logic. Besides, the project also led the staffs to study the logic of periodic drainage pump and closed water pump.
  10. Technical training. Mr. Li Chenglong, the electrical engineer, explained the using method and insulation measurement of megger including the functions, using method and notices of digital and hand-operated high resistance meters. Besides, the project also organized training about to study the knowledge of MCC low-voltage switch measuring insulation, low-voltage switch energy soring and refrigeration station converter reset.