Nigeria O&M Project Finishes HGPI and 72hs Trial Running of #2 GT


  On November 16th, 2016, Nigeria Ogun O&M project achieved success on HGPI on-load after-startup with all qualified parameters and passed the 72hs trial running, which won recognition from the owner, and this means that the company’s first GT unit HGPI expanding maintenance was finished successfully.
  The general work scope of GT unit GHPI only includes checking and changing the primary nozzle and checking the FDT of other thermal channel high-temperature components. Through the checking of #2, the project found that the unit had been discontinuously operated for ten years and some thermal channel high-temperature components were deteriorated, so the primary and three-level GT blades and primary complex ring should be changed as well, which brought large challenge to the on-site work.
  It was the first try of changing the blades but not hanging out the rotor, so there were many difficulties for the work. Facing with the challenge, the project developed the iron army spirit, overcame all the difficulties, organized special coordination meetings and referenced the advanced examples to perfect the maintenance technology and skills.
  At the same time, the project’s management team further strengthened the planning and controlling of the work and made completed emergency measures. During the maintenance, the project worked really hard and finally finished the maintenance work. The excellent studying atmosphere raised spontaneously on the site, which has significant influence to building the project team.
  At present, the #2 has been operated steadily for several days and all the indexes were better than the ones before maintenance. The success of HGPI made a new record of the company’s O&M work, provided valuable experience to the following maintenance works, made the maintenance team to become more united and also enhanced the owner’s confidence to the company.