SA Yanbu Project Achieves Success on Power Transmission for PS1 and PS2 Stations


  On December 22nd, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company SA Yanbu Project achieved success on first power transmission for PS1 and PS2 stations, which means the project finished another important job and builds firm foundation for the following operation work.
  During the commissioning work, Mr. Huang Zhao, Project Manager, led all the staffs to overcome all the difficulties and develop the iron army spirit to prepare the works and control and coordinate the on-site resources, combined with the previous commissioning experience, finished the preparation works and tests before power transmission, finally finished the power transmission work for PS1 and PS2 stations on December 22nd.
  SA Yanbu-Medina Phase III Water Transmission Project is a national important project invested by SA government. SWCC is responsible to the implementation and planned to divert the desalted sea water from the Red Sea to Medina. SINOPEC builds the project as the EPC contractor, ILF supervises the project, and Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible to commissioning and trial running works. The total length of the project is 201.2km including 8 stations. PS1 and PS2 are important stations, and the distance between the two stations is 89.4km. The operation of the project will greatly ease the pressure of water supply in Medina.