Training Report of Hebei Xingtai Commissioning Project


  From December 4th to 26th, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company Hebei Xingtai Commissioning Project organized training for all the staffs. The training emphasized on the new staffs and held specific training combining with the job positions and reality of the site to help them to master the skills and to fit their jobs.
  1. Training of <Steam Purging Guidelines of Thermal Power Construction Project Unit>. On December 4th, Mr. Yang Chao, the boiler engineer explained the guidelines in PPT material and introduced the theories of boiler purging combining with the reality of the two sets of Xingtai Power Plant to the trainees. Next, the project will organize related test to find out the deficiency and to strengthen the training effect.
  2. Training of heating network system of Xingtai Power Plant. On December 15th, Mr. Zhao Xiaobo, the ST engineer, taught lecture of plant heating network system. The heating network system is really important to thermal power plant in winter. Mr. Zhao explained the procedures and matters needing attention in commissioning of the heating network system combining with the system of Xingtai Power Plant, which made the staffs to be more acquainted with the system and related devices.
  3. Training of plant electrical systems. On December 22nd, Mr. Feng Wei, Commissioning Chief Engineer of the project, held plant electrical systems training with a professional PPT training material combining with the electrical system drawings and related parameters of Xingtai Power Plant, which enhanced the trainees’ knowledge of electrical systems and devices and electrical system commissioning.
  4. Training of precision treatment and hydrogen supply station system. On December 26th, Mr. Zhang Chengliang, the chemical engineer, taught lecture at the precision treatment site and hydrogen supply station. Combining with the system and devices, Mr. Zhang taught the skill and matters needing attention of commissioning and operation to the trainees.
  5. Safety training. At the beginning of December, the project organized winter safety self-examination activity, analyzed the risk points and made specific prevention measures which insured the project safety a lot.
  At the same time, in order to improve the staffs’ safety awareness, the project published several safety accident cases and required the staffs to be aware of safety and accident and to follow the safety management regulations in order to eradicate the accidents.
  6. Condenser leakage accident exercise. According to the reality of the site, the project simulated the situation of condenser leakage and held emergency exercise, which improved the staffs’ accident judging and treating ability and insured the safe and steady operation of the unit.