SA Zawar O&M Project Finishes 2650MW Full Load Test


  Saudi Arabia Zawar O&M Project finished the 24hs 2650MW full load test for the 5 sets of 9F combined cycle gas and steam turbine units under its operation and maintenance at 20:00 of December 29th, 2016. SWCC, the supervisor, aluminum plant and the EPC contractor confirmed the work with signatures, which means that the SA Zawar Power Plant is going into new commercial operation.
  In order to insure the completion of the test, the project made detailed plan and emergency treatment plan and required all the related personnel to provide efficient technical support within shortest time and cooperate to each other, which helped the project to accomplish the target of testing by one time and won recognition form the owner and the water plant. The test also examined the project’s ability of finishing set power generation load within stated continuous time and supplying steam to Doosan constantly.
  Finishing the test means that all the units and equipment under operation and maintenance of Zawar O&M Project has good and reliable performance under full-load operation, the allocation of operators and their technology are reasonable, the personnel assignment and division are appropriate, and the project has the ability to maintain the steady and efficient operation of the unit under multiple states.