Ras Al Khair O&M Project Organizes Simulation Training


  At the beginning of 2017, the simulation training room set at Ras Al Khair Project was put into operation. After that, the project carried out a series of effective trainings at the room to improve the operators’ skills and capabilities which insured the safe and steady operation for the unit.
  The Operation and Maintenance Department provided strong support to the preparation of the simulation training room on simulator, place and simulator commissioning in order to insure the simulation training works. At the same time, the Operation Department of the project cooperated closely on preparation, made related management system and plan, defined the training goals, training procedures and simulator management responsibilities and set out effective assessment mechanism.
  At February 10th, the personnel from Shift Team A, Operation Department, had the simulation training firstly. Mr. Liu Zonggen, Manager of Operation Department, held the opening mobilization ceremony. The technical staffs came to the site for guidance. The operators started from knowing the operation interface to practicing the normal operations with enthusiasm and even would like to study more during break time.
  The simulation training not only can improve the staffs’ skills and also can help them to communicate and study from each other. It further improved the operators’ skills and enhanced their friendship which has positive effects to the unity and stability of the team.
  Next, the project will organize more training depending on the simulation training room and improve the staffs’ capabilities through passing on the experience to improve the overall strength of the project.