SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Training Repor


  Since the beginning of 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project further intensified the work of training combining with the project’s requirement and depending on the company’s talent training strategy, carried out training every week and used the simulation training room to hold the simulation training. From January 23rd to February 19th, the project carried out four trainings on firefighting simulating exercise, technology, safety, simulation and English.
  1. Firefighting simulating exercise. Before the Spring Festival, the project organized a firefighting simulating exercise. All the O&M staffs participated into the exercise coordinating with the owner. During the exercise, the firefighter explained the application method of carbon dioxide, powder fire extinguisher and fire protection suit and the matters need attention. The participants worked hard on the exercise. The staffs further understood the emergency treating skills and procedures via the exercise, improved their capability of saving, which has positive meaning to protecting the human and equipment safety.
  2. Technical training. The training includes the analysis and prevention of large deviation on the second point of HRSG32 boiler drum liquid level meter, instrument air compressor system, LV distribution room checking and boiler startup and shutdown checking and relevant matters need attention. After the training, the trainees better understood the SGT6—5000(F) GT theoretical knowledge, cooling principles of GT stating blade and rotating blade and compressor 5.8.11 extraction feeding turbine stating blade, instrument air system and LV distribution room checking items and boiler startup and shutdown checking and relevant matters need attention, which has guiding effect to the following works.
  At the same time, in order to regulate the checking work, the Operation Department issued the new operation checking rules. Routine checking is a long-term, hard and tedious work which needs high attention of all personnel to insure the operation of the equipment and unit. The training introduced the new rules to the staffs and made them to be aware of the importance of checking.
  3. Simulation training. At the beginning of the year, the simulation training room was put into operation. Then the O&M project utilized the room to organize simulation training to improve the operators’ skills. Next, the project will use the simulator to carry out accident simulating exercise in order to improve the staffs’ emergency treating ability and the overall technical level of the operation team.
  4. Safety training. The safety training includes danger points analysis prevention, power plant hazard identification and PTW test. Danger points analysis is a modern management method which emphasizes the policy of “safety first, prevention first” and requires previous safety awareness and safety management, so it has significant meaning to preventing accident. At the same time, the O&M project organized PTW test for main staffs, and the owner’s safety engineer supervised the test. The test requires all the staffs should know well with the handling procedures of PTW and implement the safety measures to insure the safe production.