Pakistan Haveli Project Commissioning Team Finishes Water Production


At local time 23:30 of March 14th, 2017, the chemical water workshop of Pakistan Haveli 1230MW Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Project produced qualified desalted water and the conductivity is 0.086μs/cm, which means the commissioning team finished the water production work successfully.
At the beginning of the work, our commissioning team came to the site immediately. However, the working conditions for commissioning was terrible, the related electrical and I&C cabinets were not powered, the long-distance transmission and logic sequential control test could not be carried out and all the equipment and valves should be manually operated. 
In order to finish the task on time, the chemical water commissioning team overcame all the difficulties, worked manually for all the tasks, arranged personnel to monitor the main equipment and meters, closely communicated with installation and civil engineers to solve the problems, which promoted the installation works and guaranteed the water production work.
On February 24th, started to scrub and wash horizontal double-chamber multimedia and active carbon filter. On 26th, started to wash the first and second RO membrane cover and installed the membrane. On 27th, started reverse osmosis trial running and regulated parameters. During the period of waiting for NOC, continually operated the equipment, optimized the system and prepared enough water for mixed bed regeneration. Before the bases arrived to the site, the resin filling, soaking and washing works were finished. On March 13th, the bases were on the site. On 14th, the bases system pressure was qualified, and then at 23:30, the #3 regeneration mixed bed produced qualified desalted water one day ahead of the schedule.
Three technical personnel from our chemical commissioning team and one foreign personnel completed the water production task with 15-day commissioning job, which built firm foundation for operating closed water system and hydrogen production system commissioning and other following works.
Next, Huafeng Weiye Company Haveli Commissioning Team will further develop the iron army spirit depending on the project requirement and work harder for the commissioning works to make more contribution to the project.