Ras Al Khair Project Operation Department Organizes English Training to Key Staff


  Since the long-term O&M contract of SA Ras Al Khair Project will be soon signed, the communication between the O&M team and the owner has been becoming more and more close. In order to improve the key staffs’ English proficiency and insure the effective communication, the project made English training plan recently according to the project work schedule and combining with the site reality and organized the English training activity.
  Before starting the training, Mr. Wang Chengdong, Deputy O&M Project Manager, made a speech for mobilization. He said that improving the English proficiency and management ability to realize the accessible communication and connection to the owner and cooperators is the basic of smoothly implementing the O&M contract as well as the requirement of the project staffs’ career development. He also encouraged the staffs that they should study proactively and make effort to realize the win-win result of the project and the staffs.
  Relying on the plan, the first period of the training will last to three months. The project will utilize the leisure time to carry out the training in the ways of intensive lecture, video playing and English Salon. Besides, the project invited the foreign communicator to be the teaching assistant for oral English. The project will organize test monthly to encourage the staffs to proactively improve their English proficiency.
  With the growing number of the on-site foreign staffs, the skill and English trainings for front-line staffs will be carried out soon. The project will utilize the opportunity of working with the foreign staffs to cultivate both the Chinese staffs’ English and foreign staffs’ technical ability in order to lay the foundation to build a highly qualified O&M team.