Huafeng Weiye Company 2017 Myanmar Project Training Report


  At 9:00 of May 8th, 2017, in order to meet the project implementation requirement, Huafeng Weiye Company organized the 2017 Myanmar Project Training at Datang Guoji Jiangshan Xincheng Thermal Co., Ltd..
  Mr. Li Shanggang, Vice President of Huafeng Weiye Company, attended the opening ceremony and made the following requirements to the 21 trainees. The first one is to correct the attitudes to be aware of the importance of the training; the second is to be modest, follow the discipline and show the good image of the company; the third is to change the roles and improve ourselves relying on the company culture; the fourth is to apply the knowledge into practice; the fifth is strengthen the leadership to insure the implementation of the training.
  The training was lasted for ten days about theories from May 8th to 17th. The training includes the knowledge of safety, natural gas, gas turbine especially the GE unit and its subsystems, chemical water, transformer, electrical system, GIS station operation, MARK Vie operation system, combined cycle and treating typical accidents according to the project reality and implementation requirements which is targeted and practical. There were also site visit and directed study during the training. The 21 trainees all showed great quality and mental attitude and studied combining with theories and practice.
  On May 17th, all the trainees passed the test with good results. This training is an important part of the company’s annual training plan and also an important action to insure the implementation of the Myanmar project which will build a firm foundation for the following O&M works to the project.