SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Organizes Mobilization Meeting for 2017 Summer Peak


  Aiming at the situations of heavy power generation task, large number of equipment needing maintenance and replacing old staff with new staff, in order to insure the safe and steady equipment operation and power generation, SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project prepared and planned carefully and scientifically arranged the works for the summer peak and organized the mobilization meeting for the summer peak of 2107. Mr. Shen Mingliang, Vice Manager of the O&M project, held the meeting. The project leaders, Mr. Zhang Qing, Secretary of the EPC project, Mr. Xia Jingmin, QA&QC Manager, and key staff attended the meeting.
  Mr. Zou Zhiyong, O&M Project Manager, firstly mobilized the staff and arranged the main works. After that, all the departments announced their plans and arranged the works to persons. Mr. Zhang made the summary speech to appreciate the summer peak preparation work to the O&M team and required the project to pay high attention to the task and cooperate with each other to insure the work for the summer peak.
  Regarding to the work for the summer peak, the meeting emphasized the following matters.
  1. Strengthen to organize and lead the summer peak work, take care to emergency duty, implement 24hs-leaders-on-duty system to deal with the abnormal situations of power and water grids and equipment.
  2. Carry out the equipment checking work such as the checking work to operating equipment and infrared temperature measurement to heat generating equipment and timely take control of the main equipment and auxiliary equipment operation status. The maintenance personnel should strengthen the maintenance works to standby equipment under high temperature and with faults as well as the unscheduled special maintenance to cooling systems and DC system in order to insure the safe operation of power generation and transmission equipment.
  3. Make reasonable maintenance plan, strengthen to regulate and control the work plan, utilize the maintenance to GT22, GT31 and GT 51 to timely solve the problems and make effective emergency plan to the unfinished faults.
  4. Ensure the safe and steady work on the site and the safety of equipment and personnel during the summer peak.
  5. Organize the training of heatstroke prevention and prevent any stroke to the personnel.
  6. Make emergency fault treating preparation and prepare to precontrol and spares for the abnormal situations generally happened in the past years in order to timely find and solve the problems.
  This year is the first year of the project completing PAC and showing its EPCO integrating ability. The project will take the mobilization meeting as the chance, overcome all the difficulties and mobilize and unite all the power to complete the summer peak task and build brand for the company’s O&M business.