Mr. Zhu Xinglong, Chinese Embassy in SA Visits Ras Al Khair Project


  At local time June 27th, 2017, the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia Counselor Zhu Xinglong led the team of the economic and business counselor Zhao Liuqing, second secretary Yao Yu (economic doctor), Fu Yuanfeng and suite of the five people groups to reach Zawar Project department inspection guidance.
  In the conference room, the project manager Chen Yunpeng introduced the work of contract management, safety, quality management, operation and maintenance and the government Clean and honest construction ,corporate culture in Zawar project through the project construction video presentation and work report, Showing the company EPCO whole industry chain system management.
  After listening to the report, Zhu Xinglong Counselor first thank the project department for the warm reception, the project department of the work to fully affirmed. He said: "This time we are entrusted by Ambassador Li Huaxin to SEPCOIII Zawar project work research, we can see that in the desert, through your hard work to get the fruitful results and witness your outstanding achievements in the Saudi electricity construction market 。When we communicate with the senior officials of the Saudi government, Mentioned the Chinese enterprises in saudi, they are very recognized to the SEPCOIII.SEPCOIII is a capable, responsible, general contracting enterprises dare to play the role of international power plant EPC .through the Zawar project demonstrated contract performance, efficient field execution and tenacious style of work, SEPCOIII get recognized from the Saudi Environment, Water and Agriculture Minister and the Saudi government's high-level widely,include the SWCC president。For the successful get the yanbuIII project create a positive favorable conditions.
  Zhu Xinglong Counselor said that the company in the sand power market share further increased, SEPCOIII brand influence and visibility to further enhance the Saudi Chinese enterprises have become benchmarking enterprises, hope SEPCOIII make persistent efforts to constantly sum up experience, operation and maintenance of good Zawar project, In the Saudi market to achieve greater results ,For the continue of the friendship and promote the "one way along the road" construction, lay a more solid foundation.
  Project leader team and Huafeng Deputy General Manager Li Shanggang to participate in the above activities.