Pakistan Haveli Project GT11 Passes Reliability Operation


  At local time 11:00 of June 29th, 2017, Pakistan Haveli Project GT11 passed the 168h reliability operation. During the commissioning of the unit, the operating parameters of normal, smooth operation, bearing vibration, tile temperature and other parameters of performance indicators have reached excellent standards.
  Since the project gas into the commissioning phase, the project transfer team and EPC project department, the owner side, GE active communication, sincere cooperation, to overcome the shortage of personnel, power grid instability, equipment defects, dust storms, heavy rain, high temperature and many other difficulties, GT11 runs smoothly through 168 hours of reliability. During the period, the unit operation is stable, the automatic control system software and hardware can effectively adapt to the Pakistan power grid frequency fluctuation range, the change frequently characteristic, and the entire trial operation period each technical parameter is fine. Owners and EPC project department expressed satisfaction with the reliability of the operation of the unit, the excellent performance of the project transfer team to give a certain affirmation.
  GT11, GT12, respectively, in April 28, 2019 and May 19, respectively, ignition speed, but because of GE's own design reasons, GT11, GT12 dual fuel burner (DLN2.6 +) there are serious flaws, resulting in the whole burner Remove the factory repair. The overall removal of the burner, maintenance, back to the process of a total of about 30 days, which seriously affect the overall project schedule progress. When the GT11 restarts the ignition again, there is a number of forced shutdown or trip conditions due to the installation quality of the GE maintenance subcontractor. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the unit, the project transfer team to carry forward the early pioneers of the style, adhering to the "initiative, play, perseverance," the iron army spirit, timely troubleshooting reasons, arrange a special technical backbone to lead the use of white night work 24 hours without interruption Mode to work for the reliability of the crew to escort, and finally successfully solve the process of starting all the problems for the smooth flow of the unit and follow-up test laid a solid foundation.
  EPC project department and company transfer team are under great pressure in the face of the urgent need for owners to demand early power generation to ease the shortage of electricity in Pakistan. Under pressure, the project transfer team never retreat, but to stimulate the fighting spirit. We fully carry forward the "initiative, play, dedication," the spirit of the Iron Army, not afraid of hardship, fearless and dangerous, in this race with the time, overcome difficulties, courage, with practical action for the company "science, professional, persistent, beyond" The entrepreneurial spirit makes the most accurate annotations.
  The successful completion of the reliability of the operation for the GT11 unit as a whole and put into commercial operation and laid a solid foundation for the company 9H large capacity unit has accumulated valuable debugging trial experience.