Ras Al Khair Project Organizes Safety Month Closing Meeting


  On July 1st, 2017, Ras Al Khair Project organized the closing meeting of the 2017 safety month at No.1 meeting room. The HSE department held the meeting, Mr. Zhang Qing, Project Secretary, Mr. Wang Cheng Dong, Deputy O&M Project Manager, Mr. Shen Mingliang and principals of other departments and operations attended the meeting.
  The HSE Department summarized the development of the ‘Safety Month’ activities of the project department and the safety production situation of the project department in the current quarter and the department heads report on the safety production and shortcomings of the departments. Then the project department leaders in the second half of the safety of the work of a unified arrangement and deployment, Mr. Zhang pointed out that the project department of the safety of production has made some achievements, but also need to continue to continue to implement the main responsibility. On the "safety month" during the inspection of the problem, to develop corrective measures and the implementation of the program responsible person, to encourage employees to mention more rationalization proposals, and actively with the owners of the safety management system lap, improve and improve our safety management system, the formation of our own EPCO security management system, truly ‘everyone stresses security, everyone to be safe, everyone safe’. At the final stage of the meeting, the project leader honors the outstanding performance of the staff during the ‘safety month’ period.