Nigeria Ogun #6 GT Was Handed Over to Owner


  At local time July 6th, 2017, Nigeria Ogun #6 gas turbine completed the overhaul, startup commissioning and 72 hours trial operation with qualified parameters and good conditio and was handed over to the owner, Pacific Energy Co., Ltd. for commercial operation.The owner spoke very highly of that.
  Ogun power plant totally has eight 42MW 6B GT units. 2010, due to local staff operation problems, resulting in GT6 gas turbine failure, has been in a shutdown state.
  Recently, the owners and SEPCOIII decided to overhaul the GT6 gas turbine. After two months of intense construction, the crew entered the key start-up commissioning and 72-hour pilot phase. The parent company also attaches great importance to it, Mr. Wei Kezhong, Deputy Manager of OMD, visited the site to coordinate the transfer and transfer of the incident.
  Mr. Wei regardless of the journey of fatigue, get off at the beginning, to view the scene, met with the owners, many times with the Nangang Power and Nigeria operation and maintenance project department to discuss the consultation, decided by Mr. Jintong, the leader of the project, fully responsible for the start of the commissioning operation of the command.
  At this point, coincides with the GT5 hot channel maintenance into the important construction phase, the scene staff tension, coupled with the rainy season in Nigeria, to the scene construction has brought tremendous impact. Gold manager was in danger, led everyone to overcome difficulties, day and night fighting. Some employees because of overwork, suffering from malaria, fever, headache, but in order not to affect the progress of the project, decided to lightly no less than Fire Line, after eating drugs on duty. During the trial period, overtime, the wind and breakfast overnight became the backbone of the normal staff.
  GT6 unit overhaul after the commissioning process, although encountered 3 watts of vibration is too large, but under the guidance of Wei Jingli, maintenance personnel and project operation and maintenance team's efforts, the problem was satisfactorily resolved. After continuous fighting, GT6 finally start debugging all projects, and successfully through the 72-hour reliability of the operation, all the parameters of the unit, the state is stable, the owners and parties agreed and highly recognized! To this end, the owners of the party held a celebration party, the parties gathered together to celebrate the overhaul of the successful and successful transfer!
  GT6 officially put into operation means that all the GTs are running with available conditions. After this, the owners of the company's operation and maintenance team's trust is further enhanced and the cooperation foundation between the two sides is further deepened.