Pakistan Haveli O&M Project Organizes Staff Meeting


  At local time July 6th, 2017, Pakistan Haveli O&M Project organized Chinese and Pakistani staff meeting at the EPC meeting room. Mr. Shi Huaiwei, Vice President of Huafeng Weiye Company, Ms. Sun Xuemei, ADD Manager, Mr. Su Yongde, Acting Project Manager, Mr. Dong Xian, Project Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhao Shunli, Deputy Project Commissioning Chief Engineer, Mr. Naeem, Pakistani Senior Consultant and the key staffs attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Jianlong, Project ADD Manager, held the meeting.
  At the meeting, Mr. Shi expressed a warm welcome to everyone's dedication and expressed gratitude on behalf of the company. Mr. Shi said that the meeting is a rare opportunity, CMB staff can sit together and mutual understanding, mutual exchange, which is very conducive to future communication and close cooperation between each other, so he hopes that everyone can speak freely.
  After that, Mr. Shi introduced the company's profile and development planning, and highlighted the company's current project performance, so that the new colleagues in the company have a deeper understanding and awareness of the company. He encouraged everyone in the future work of cooperation, common progress, happy work and happy life, to achieve more significant achievements and progress and to ensure the smooth progress of the project department.
  On the meeting, Mr. Naeem shared his 40 years of experience in power plants and overseas work. He talked about his thoughtson the status quo of Haveli O&M Project, and expressed his thanks to the company. Mr.Naeem said he would cherish the opportunity to work with everyone to work together to promote the project.
  The meeting was very successful, the whole venue was laughing, the atmosphere was warm and enthusiastic, and the Pakistani staff expressed their gratitude for the company's job opportunities and expressed his sincere commitment and commitment in the future. Through this symposium, the Chinese side and the Pakistani staff to enhance understanding and understanding, enhance the feelings, is conducive to staff in the project site to get better integration. All the attendees said that they will live in harmony, promote each other, unite as one, overcome difficulties, make great effort to the future work for the Sino-Pakistani friendship brick.