Pakistan Haveli O&M Project Organizes Company Culture Presentation Activity to Pakistani Staff


  Company culture as the company's spiritual program for the development of enterprises to provide value to lead, is to protect the healthy and stable development of the cornerstone of sustainable development. Corporate culture is a kind of adhesive, with a strong cohesion, centripetal force and binding, the staff tightly bonded, united together, to promote everyone towards the common goal and work.
  Pakistan Haveli O&M Project as the company in Pakistan power operation and maintenance market, the first project, bear the company in Pakistan to establish benchmarks, started the brand, the task of opening up Xinjiang. At the same time, based on the project implementation and control costs, the project vigorously promoted the ‘talent localization’ strategy, and actively recruited local staff. Up to now, a total of 34 people were recruited in Pakistan, plans to employ by the end of 2017 98 members of the staff.
  The addition of the Brazilian personnel provided strong human resources support for the smooth progress of the work of the field, but it also brought different behavioral habits, cultural identity and values. On the basis of respecting the culture of Pakistan, in order to further improve the awareness and recognition of the staff of the company, to promote its understanding of corporate culture and rules and regulations, as soon as possible to adapt and integrate into the field work, July 8, 2017, by Ms. Sun Xuemei, ADD Manager, as the speaker, the local staff of Pakistan carried out corporate culture publication.
  During the period, Ms. Sun combined with the project office held recently CMB staff symposium, according to the staff of the company's understanding of the degree, from shallow to deep, from the company's core philosophy, corporate vision, honor, project performance, management, staff Norms and other aspects of a detailed introduction, and the staff of the staff at the scene of the work and the company's expectations and requirements were described, so that the staff of the company has a more in-depth and systematic understanding of the company's culture also has Deeper understanding.
  The publicity activities, the staff of the value of the concept and behavior habits have a positive role in guiding, will help us to personal goals and project implementation and corporate development organic unity, to further enhance the project team cohesion and centripetal force, started the company in Pakistan power operation of the first shot to lay a good foundation.