Pakistan Haveli Combined Cycle Power Station 1230MW Unit Single Cycle Performance Test Completed


  At local time 5:18 am of July 18th, 2017, Pakistan Haveli project GT11, GT12 gas turbine single cycle performance test was successfully completed. This is the unit before the transfer of commercial operation before the most important, the most complex and most difficult one test but also the last test project. The successful completion of the test marks the end of the commissioning of the gas turbine single cycle natural gas conditions.
  The gas turbine performance test is a GT11, GT12 gas turbine performance of a comprehensive test, a wide range of tests, demanding. In order to ensure the smooth performance of the two gas turbine performance tests in the field, in the absence of technical support in all aspects of the project transfer team to take the courage to play, to undertake the trial preparation, testing and reporting tasks. In the project deputy manager Zhao Shunli, steam engine professional engineer Sun Jiaming under the leadership of the master, we do not wait, take the initiative to study the performance of GE to digest the test procedures, in-depth study of the contract, with the EPC project department, GE performance test team, Repeated communication, taking into account the actual situation at the scene, and timely proposed changes to the program.
  To ensure the feasibility and reliability of the performance test program, the project transfer team worked overtime to familiarize with the unit performance test plan and method, and actively organize the planning performance test. At the same time, for the actual situation of the unit equipment, arrange professional and technical personnel for special analysis, the development of targeted technical measures and detailed operational points, special arrangements for special, on-site collection of data for preliminary comparison.
  Through the unremitting efforts of the transfer team, GT11, GT12 performance test in turn successfully completed, won the EPC project department, owners, supervision of praise for the follow-up single-cycle gas turbine unit laid a solid foundation.